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This is a now page. Websites usually have "about pages", this page gives a more instantaneous view. Something I do / have done is of interest to you? Get in touch at or on Twitter! (@seinecle)

March 2019

Feb 2019

  • Submitted the revised version of the Twitter paper!

  • Organizing bloc 2 of the exec training on "Gestion et valorisation des données en entreprise" with Chaire Segeco

  • Working on the field analysis of history of economic thought

Jan 2019

  • Gave the first block of lectures in the new emlyon course "Gestion et valorisation des données", developed with Segeco.

  • Developed a website to share some content of this course:

  • Gave two worskhops for O21, a student information event by Le Monde in Saint Etienne.

  • Teaching a seminar on Big data to the emlyon’s executive MBA at Casablanca

  • Teaching IoT for Entrepreneurs to BBA at Saint-Etienne

Dec 2018

  • Worked on the redesign of my executive MBA course on data literacy

  • Improved the Twitter model for the paper submitted to M@n@gement

  • Lectured for the BBA cours "IoT for Entrepreneurs", then graded

  • Graded quite a few final theses of emlyon students

  • Coordination work for the MSc in DMDS

  • Prepared the first course on data management and valuation with Segeco, given by emlyon.

Nov 2018

  • Continuing to prepare the pilote of the emlyon x Segeco exec module on data valuation.

  • My paper on the history of neuromarketing, co-authored with Ale Smidts and Paul Wouters, has been accepted for publication by Business History!

  • Participated to the conference organized by the magazine "Acteurs de l’Economie" on data: hope or threat?

  • Breakfast with journalists to present the MSc in DMDS. A picture of it here.

  • Facebook live Q&A for the MSc in DMDS on Nov 22.

  • Campus Channel live Q&A to present the MSc in DMDS on Nov 20! The video is already online.

  • Working with Margherita Pagani and Philippe Monin at the design of the next promotion of the MSc in DMDS

  • MSc program committee on Nov 26

  • Preparing a literature review on data valuation in the managerial literature for the Chaire Segeco

  • Co-organizing the Digital Night, first in edition in Paris! On Nov 21. Some pictures attached to this tweet and this one.

  • Debugged the code for the connected object in my course "IoT for Entrepreneurs" - it gave me some cold sweats!

  • Worked on a piece of writing presenting DATOM.

  • Still working on the R&R for our paper on fields, trying to get a dataset from a previously published study…​

  • Published in French on Linkedin Pulse: "Les managers et les APIs: par où commencer?" (link).

Oct 2018

  • Twitter paper: presented our R&R in progress to the STORM seminar

  • Twitter paper: finished translating our Python code in Java for better debugging and speed of execution.

  • got feedback from colleague Ludivine Perray on her progress on data valuation field work for the Segeco Chaire. Instructive!

  • exec module now scheduled, program is designed, and most instructors found.

  • feedback from MSc in DMDS participants on the first steps of the program, useful to make some adjustments and to plan for evolutions next year.

  • automated the conversion of DATOM canvas in a variety of formats (pptx, png, pdf) with Google Apps Script

  • learned the basics of Angular, applied it to "Quality of Life", a personal project.

  • learned how to automate the securization of a bare metal server with a script running on my local Windows

  • got a one day training by an ex McKinsey on how to design a good brief and how to answer it - useful for my coaching of student’s theses!

Sept 2018

  • got an R&R on our paper on Twitter! Started working on it.

  • launching the MS in DMDS in Paris with Margherita Pagani, assisted by Zina Bali.

  • working on an exec training module in data valuation for the Segeco Chaire

  • teaching IoT for Entrepreneurs to BBA in Saint Etienne

  • grading homework from two eMBA classes

  • start new project with Jean Savinien et al on academic performance.

  • interviewed two candidates for work on the Chaire, search still on going.

Aug 2018

July 2018

  • Going to PFIA for the first time (going with colleague Imène Brigui-Chtioui!). Not presenting but eager to familiarize more with the French speaking reearch community in AI.

  • Giving a 2-day class to executive MBAs in French (includes a visit to Cosmo Tech)

  • Giving a webinar on "IA and Business": 100 participants!

  • Keynote for Lyon Is Ia’s meetup on "AI and Education", emlyon Silex Building, July 26. Slides of my talk are here.

  • Third round (and last??) of review for my paper on the history of neuromarketing.

June 2018

  • Giving a 2-day class to executive MBAs in English (includes a visit to Cosmo Tech)

  • Represented emlyon in a speech to candidates for the entrance exam.

  • Paper on Twitter is submitted!

  • Opening recruitments for the Data R&D Institute

  • Contributing to designing a certificate in PGM, which is an exec ed programme.

  • Second copil for the Chaire Segeco: setting up the various packages of the Chaire

  • Finishing the paper on Twitter data…​

  • Almost rounding up the admissions for the Msc in DMDS with Margherita Pagani - great rate of applications!

  • Still working weekly with Guillaume Lecuyer on DATOM

  • Doing the budgets for next year

May 2018

  • Attending the Openvis Conference, organized by Lynn Cherny from the Data R&D Insitute at emlyon, then a mini conference (check the program: huge!!) in Lyon.

  • Preparing the list of courses to open in 2018/2019, in data science, AI and related fields.

  • Continuing on recruiting participants for the Msc in Digital Marketing and Data Science, with a campus day on May 26!

  • Giving a Master class to candidates interested in emlyon’s new executive MBA

  • last session of the course on "IoT for Entrepeneurs" at emlyon’s bba in Saint Etienne

  • a couple of days of research work with Jean and Mohamed - the finishing line before submission of our paper?

  • Chaire Segeco: getting up to speed!

  • Giving a class to Enedis staff on big data.

  • Giving a webinar to welcome the participants to "Data Literacy", the course I give in the executive MBA

  • finalizing the coding project to publish my course materials as books. Using Asciidoctor, custom extensions to Asciidoctor, Peecho and Amazon’s CreateSpace. Early draft of the book available for purchase here.

  • Working with Data R&D Institute’s members on the projects for 2018/2019.

  • Met with new colleague Guillaume Coqueret from the finance department with a strong interest in data science, he will give exciting courses in statistics with R!

April 2018

  • Grading CODAPPS (2 assignments, 520 participants!) using a desktop app I built to speed up the examination of the assignments (check it here)

  • Giving the first module of TDO (exec ed training) with Guillaume Lecuyer in Paris. A 3 day course with great participants.

  • Class on "data-driven creation" for the digital booster programme by emlyon’s incubator.

  • Working on DATOM, a visual and step-by-step method to design data x business projects with Guillaume Lecuyer

  • Working the booklet edition of my courses and DATOM

  • Continuing working on the paper with Jean and Mohamed on Twitter data

  • First copil of the SEGECO Chaire with emlyon colleagues, Thierry Jacquin and Denis Genest

  • Meeting with students interested in giving a course on the blockchain

  • Meeting with students interested in the genre issue in higher ed

  • Uninstalled FB / Twitter / Instagram apps from my phone. Feeling much better without all the notifications!

March 2018

  • 2 Digital Nights successfully organized and delivered on March 1 and March 8! 9 companies, 90 students, lots of energy and pictures! (to come)

  • getting more time spent on Openvis, the conference organized by my colleague Lynn Cherny assisted by Renaud Demesmay and many teams from emlyon (events and communication mainly). Huge conference!

  • visit for 3 days at emlyon Casablanca campus to teach "Big data for business" to an emba class. Lots of experience and energy.

  • back to Casablanca to meet our colleague Imene Brigui-Chtioui with the Data R&D Institute.

  • time spent on manoeuvring on our Msc in Digital Marketing and Data Science in Paris. News to come!

  • some days scheduled to finish up our paper on the investigation of fields via Twitter mining, with Jean and Mohamed.

  • lots of work on Codapps to publish the last lessons of the course: students must code a mobile app version of the cookie clicker!

  • planning the courses for 2018/2019 in data at emlyon with the team of the data r&d institute

  • reviewing a paper for the Journal of Economic Methodology

Feb 2018

  • Continue renewing the lessons on Codapps: adding Modules 4 and 5: how to release an app on Google and Apple' App Stores, and the basic of code.

  • solving 80+ issues on Github opened by the students of Codapps

  • successfully added an interactive Java console in web pages for coding lessons! Embed it in your pages too!

  • two weeks of intense research writing with Mohamed and Jean

  • first admission jury for our Msc in Digital Marketing and Data science

  • welcome Karthik Suresh and Doreid Ammar, who join emlyon and the Data R&D Institute!

  • The brochure for the Msc in Digital Marketing and Data Science is out! Pdf version here

  • Work on DATOM with G Lecuyer

  • Continue working on the pedagogical structure of the Msc.

  • Assisting in launching the course by Yoann Allardin on mnemotechnics: boost your memory! at emlyon business school - first class is on Feb 27!

  • Publishing theses and podcasts by emlyon students on data science x biz (theses are here, podcasts are there).

  • coordinating with 10 companies who will participate in the 2 editions of the Digital Night for 2018: March 1st for consulting groups, Marc 8th for diverse industries.

  • presenting the Msc in DMDS at the emlyon Campus Day at Ecully on Feb 27th evening.

Jan 2018

Welcoming my new born in this world, Tristan!

Nov / Dec 2017

Oct 2017

September 2017

  • Too busy to fill this now page, apparently

Agust 2017

  • Too much in holidays to fill this now page, apparently

July 2017

  • Preparing the launch of a Data R&D Institute at emlyon! Curious? Get in touch.

  • Advanced on a new Msc for emlyon

  • Updating my "big data for business" course for 2017/2018

  • Created a MOOC "IoT for entrepreneurs" for the BBA on our campus at Saint Etienne. Video clips on Youtube soon!

  • submitted the 3rd and hopefully last revision of a paper from my previous life as a historian of science!

  • Developping a series of projects with a series of companies to promote our students.

  • still working on a fast algo for overlapping community detection

  • launched this app for my own use, but check it out:

May 2017

  • Got my Elasticsearch + Redis setup to work, to analyze a large dataset from text mining and graph mining perspectives. Great results so far!

  • Preparing the MOOC on connected objects, for a shooting in the first week of July.

  • Teaching a module on "Big data" to eMBA students

  • Participating to recruitment committees, jurys…​ (that’s the season for it)

  • More useful admin stuff to prepare for 2017/2018.

  • Got a minor revision before acceptance notice on a paper, more news on it when full acceptance is confirmed!

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

  • re-submitted the neuromarketing paper!

  • co-steering the recruitment of 2 new positions in our department: one professor in marketing and data analytics, one instructor position in coding / Excel / SQL. Get in touch!

  • teaching at emlyon’s incubator, in our MSc in Marketing and Service Management and in our Programme Grande Ecole.

  • still hesitating on which object I should use to to teach a MOOC "Create a connected object, for beginners"

  • giving a webinar on Feb 09 on FrenchWeb to discuss dataviz for business.

  • finished the setup of my new Gephi tutorials. Adding more tutorials.

  • continuing supervising centrale lyon and emlyon students on a Twitter mapping project

  • organizing the "Digital Night", a career event on March 16 at Ecully, for our digitally / data inclined students and companies who’d like to hire them.

  • working with my colleague Margherita Pagani on extending em lyon business school’s course offering in digital marketing and business analytics (shht! secret plans!)

January 2017

  • taking contacts to create a course on "creating connected objects, for beginners". Will be filmed, for emlyon students and as a MOOC on Coursera (hopefully). Students will learn how to create an object, for real. Get in touch if you are interested.

  • preparing for the launch of the TDO (Transformation Digitale des Organisations) certificate by EMLYON, taking place in March 2017 on our new Paris campus. I teach the first module on "data and tech for business", 16-18 March, on our Paris campus

  • reworking my Gephi tutorials to make them open and easy to publish in a variety of formats, with asciiidoc.

  • supervising centrale lyon and emlyon students on a Twitter mapping project

  • organizing the "Digital Night", a career event on March 16 at Ecully, for our digitally / data inclined students and companies who’d like to hire them.

  • resubmitting my paper on the history of neuromarketing, co-written with Ale Smidts and Paul Wouters. Fingers crossed.

  • going to the "Entreprise du Futur" event by Emlyon and Visiativ, in Lyon (January 19)

  • writing about Lotka and other things on Medium

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